Saturday, November 25, 2017

Athletics day 

Didn't they all do their very best !

Thank you so much for coming to cheer on our little athletes.

This day was such a big deal in your children's lives.

It can be quite easy to forget how nervous children can get and how super exciting things like this are. 

We had a few races, and other field events showcasing their developing skills, learning the athletic techniques alongside their ORCA values; sportsmanship, team work, winning and losing gracefully, being a good sport, giving things a go, trying their best. In my opinion they were all winners on the day and I hope they made you very proud.
****Water slide on Thursday lunchtimes for our children if they want to: togs towel and rash top please******* 

Monday 4th December week 8 we are having the community Picnic from 6 to 7 30pm and it would be really lovely to see you there . Don't forget its our production too that week!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Week 6

Athletics Day 2017
Tuesday 21 November (week 6)

9am - 12.30pm

Come along if you can,
we would love your support !

Don't forget to pop some winter clothes in your child's bag for our Christmas production please - thankyou for the hats and scarves already sent in.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Week 5

Please feel free to open the links and let the children have a sing of our production songs 

Song – Aotearoa Christmas – The Polkadots

USA - L1 and L2
Song – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

All classes
We Wish You a Merry Christmas – with NZSL

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 4 term 4

Week 4 Term 4 

Save the dates if you can 

We are practising a range of athletics skills weekly and will showcase them on the below date!

Athletics Day 2017
Tuesday 21 November (week 6)
9am - 12.30pm

 Year 1 Production- There will be two performances  We hope you can make one of the shows. Our theme is Christmas around the World.  

December 5th Tuesday - 9.30 performance

December 6th Wednesday - 2pm performance

We have added  Vertical Learning Community options to our Passion Friday sessions for 6 weeks of this term.
 The children have chosen their passion session from the list below.

1. STEAM Activities - Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths activities involving creative problem solving
2. Chinese Culture and Basic Mandarin
3. Comic strip art
4. Minecraft & coding
5. Art- Visual interpretation
6. Recycled Art
7. Rippa / Tag Sport

This is in addition to any options you have booked your children into, and they will not clash so please don't worry. They are 'no cost' options and everything is provided - all the children have to do is engage and enjoy !  

I am taking  Chinese and basic mandarin. We have been learning about  where China is located in the world, some interesting facts, counting to ten, saying hello and goodbye, and last week we made some beautiful chinese paper cutting flower art displays. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week 3

Term 3 week 4 

No charge mufti day on Tuesday 31st October

It does happen to be Halloween but children do not have to dress up scary.

Outfits that are not scary
-Ninja Turtles
-Clothes you wear at home
None of the above-  Wear your uniform! 

Just a fun day to be yourself  or someone else you want to be for the day (-:


Friday, October 27, 2017

Week 2 flying by

Short week which will fly by with the Halloween disco on Friday

Lunch boxes

Please could you talk with your children about the food they leave in their lunch boxes. I supervise their eating at morning tea and lunch time and am finding some children are not wishing to eat their food. I have asked them to bring home what they don't eat so that you can see what's going on. I ,of course encourage them to eat and after supervised eating time they are very welcome to keep eating but for some children this is proving tricky.

It may be an idea to number the containers to show them what you would like them to eat first. That way they can quickly find number one at get on to the task of eating it , and they are also practising their maths at the same time   (-:

Sun hats 
A reminder to please send the school bucket hat each day even if your children are riding a scooter or a bike. We are spending an hour outside practising Athletics on a Tuesday and as the weather gets better I will take the children outside for their learning. I cannot do this if they don't have sun protection.


Just a little reminder that footwear is part of our uniform,  plain black please.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Term 4 of 2017 Last term of the year - let's make it count !

Welcome back to Tern 4 !

It was lovely to have a full house today and see the energy everyone has again.

Please welcome Leanne to our  lovely classroom.  We are lucky to have Leanne, our Learning assistant,  with us Monday - Thursday 9am till 1230 .

As the children are progressing you will notice that I change things up for them, they are well settled and can tackle challenges with a growth mindset now so they can  deal with changes and new routines positively.

We continue to focus on the ORCA values , what they look like in action and how they can demonstrate their values naturally  in their daily lives, both at school and at home.  It is heart warming to hear stories of values they have recognised that they use at home.

Being conscious of how we live our values is a very important step to becoming unconsciously competent and able to make a difference in our world.

Athletics day  Didn't they all do their very best ! Thank you so much for coming to cheer on our little athletes. This da...