Saturday, August 19, 2017

Week 5

Week 5 

This week we have:
Check in meetings on Tuesday - please book online 

 Cross country on Thursday from 1pm till 2pm

Assembly on Friday 2:20 pm

L1 had a vote on Friday and they would like lots of their learning to be related to  "under the water" ideas. Please feel free to let your child bring in any artefacts or favourite books related to the topic and they can be displayed on our interest table and added to our learning kete for discussion/ research.  
Just to explain for you,  in L1 we vote on a theme of interest for the children roughly each fortnight so that we can have active  participation and decisions made by the students, on a basic level at the moment, about the content / theme for their learning. This is very engaging for the children, and will often centre on our reading of big books, writing and art work. 

Our whole school guided Inquiry is not the same as L1 theme of interest but rather it is a  process for learning and we teach the children the skills to be able to construct their own understandings in all aspects of their learning. Along side this we have a termly whole school focus, wether it be a science or social study focus.  This term it is a social focus of "movement"


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