Monday, October 16, 2017

Term 4 of 2017 Last term of the year - let's make it count !

Welcome back to Tern 4 !

It was lovely to have a full house today and see the energy everyone has again.

Please welcome Leanne to our  lovely classroom.  We are lucky to have Leanne, our Learning assistant,  with us Monday - Thursday 9am till 1230 .

As the children are progressing you will notice that I change things up for them, they are well settled and can tackle challenges with a growth mindset now so they can  deal with changes and new routines positively.

We continue to focus on the ORCA values , what they look like in action and how they can demonstrate their values naturally  in their daily lives, both at school and at home.  It is heart warming to hear stories of values they have recognised that they use at home.

Being conscious of how we live our values is a very important step to becoming unconsciously competent and able to make a difference in our world.

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