Friday, October 27, 2017

Week 2 flying by

Short week which will fly by with the Halloween disco on Friday

Lunch boxes

Please could you talk with your children about the food they leave in their lunch boxes. I supervise their eating at morning tea and lunch time and am finding some children are not wishing to eat their food. I have asked them to bring home what they don't eat so that you can see what's going on. I ,of course encourage them to eat and after supervised eating time they are very welcome to keep eating but for some children this is proving tricky.

It may be an idea to number the containers to show them what you would like them to eat first. That way they can quickly find number one at get on to the task of eating it , and they are also practising their maths at the same time   (-:

Sun hats 
A reminder to please send the school bucket hat each day even if your children are riding a scooter or a bike. We are spending an hour outside practising Athletics on a Tuesday and as the weather gets better I will take the children outside for their learning. I cannot do this if they don't have sun protection.


Just a little reminder that footwear is part of our uniform,  plain black please.

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